310W is the landmark modern glass office tower designed by Chicago-based architecture firm Perkins + Will. It is the second largest office building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a 14-story tower with 3 skywalks connecting the main building and a 600-car garage. My role in this project was to visual design the digital interface, the signage system, as well as to craft the bespoke brand collaterals and animation. Worked closely with software engineer.

The distinctive shape of the building facade is reflected in the form of the logotype. The vibrant brand color, Yves Klein Blue, was sourced from a specialized paint company in Southern France. We also custom designed the outdoor typographic logo sculpture.

We designed and launched the digital directory, which helps visitors navigate the complex building and get to know the vacancy, amenity and available activities offered by the management. The interactive interface has boosted rentals and sales tremendously since it was launched.

Project Details:

Creative Direction: Jonathan Wajskol

3D Design: Arnold Wang

Product Development: Alberto Arlandi

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