According to the World Economic Forum, it’ll take 257 years to close the economic gap between women and men. So PNC Bank created Project 257, a loan program for women-owned businesses, to close the gap in this lifetime.

PNC asked Deutsch NY to help them galvanize support internally for Project 257 to help decicion makers understand they’re part of the solution. We created the 257-Year Calendar, a calendar that goes 257 years into the future and shows the milestones civilization is predicted to achieve before we close the gap. This calendar serves as a tool to create awareness, spread the spirit of this project and to be shared amongst stakeholders both internally and externally.

Designed and produced at Deutsch NY, this project was awarded Silver Lion in the Print and Publishing category for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as well as Bronze Anthem Award.

We hope our calendars, which were distributed throughout PNC’s offices, remind bankers that they have the power to shorten the timeline.

Project Details:

Chief Creative Officer: Samira Ansari

Head of Design: Melatan Riden

Design: In collaboration with Joyce Shi, Elena Woznick

Illustration: Juan Ignacio Hervas

Copywriting: Shannon Murphy, Jeff Good

Associate Creative Director: Allison Navon

Printer: Steve Capellini, Vertical Group

Typeface(s) Used: PP Editoril Old Regular, Courier Regular